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Oakwood Cemetery

Rules & Regulations

New York State Cemetery Laws allows cemetery boards to pass rules and regulations for the cemetery which the board oversees. The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate proper landscaping and maintenance of the cemetery and to assure the safety of visitors.

It is very important that lot owners follow the rules, especially regarding the decoration of the graves. We understand that flowers, flags, and other decoration helps with the grieving process and help families maintain connections with their loved ones, but too often these decorations interfere with the mowing and trimming or become neglected over time. The rules below can served to guide you in the process and help keep the grounds respectful and beautiful.

We appreciate your cooperation. If you have any questions please contact the Oakwood Cemetery Association.

Photograph by Patty Piper

Please Note: These rules and regulations are currently undergoing a review and revision. Once the revisions are approved by the State Division of Cemeteries, we will make them available.

1. No planting or digging without written permission.
2. No glass containers or styrofoam of any kind.
3. No new borders, including mulch or decorative stones allowed after May 1,
2016. Existing borders and mulch not maintained will be removed.
4. All pets must be on a leash. Owners must clean up all animal waste.
5. Urns, flags and decorations must be in line with headstones. Areas in front
of the graves stones must be left open for mowing and trimming.
6. Flowers and decorations to be removed by October 15th. Christmas/winter
decorations allowed between Dec 1 and April 1st.
7. We reserve the right to remove flowers, wreaths, trees, shrubs, and decorations
deemed unsightly or that do not follow these regulations.
8. No parking or driving on the grass. The center grass covered roadways can
be used.
9. Cemetery grounds are closed from dusk to dawn.
10. Visitors must obey posted speed limits and traffic signs. Traffic should move
counter-clockwise on the main roadway.
11. All foundations must be done by a contractor approved by Oakwood Cemetery.
12. All full body burials must be in a concrete or metal vault.
13. Only one full body burial permitted on a lot. No more than two cremains on a
single lot. Only one upright gravestone per lot, other memorials must
be flush with the ground.
14. All graves should be permanently marked (memorialized) within six months.
( Wood, plastic, and styrofoam not permitted.)

Please do not block the main roadway when visiting the cemetery. There are parking areas in L
and near the Tool Shed. Visitors may also park on the grass roadways in the center of
the cemetery.